A bicycle needs attention, similar to a car, and like a licensed car mechanic, a certified bicycle mechanic can spot an issue before it becomes a major concern. This can save you time and money, all while making every ride safe and enjoyable.

At Endo Cycle, our mechanics have participated and graduated from the Winterborne Bicycle Institute. This course is college accredited and issues a certificate with a passing grade of 80% or higher.

To assemble or repair bicycles you also need the right tools. Bicycles require many specialty tools to ensure the manufacturer’s specifications are met or exceeded. We have invested heavily in our tools so your bike will be safe and perform as intended.

Endo Cycle’s knowledge base also extends to manufacturers and suppliers which allows us to get the information to get it right!

Bicycle Service & Repair

Service rate / $45 per hour:

Rate automatically discounted with service package
No discount packages for damaged components or frames
Additional $10 if bicycle is too dirty to service/repair
Additional $15 to service seized or over tightened axles and/or bottom brackets

Discounted packages:

Basic tune-up $45 (housing colour match add $8)

Check wheel hubs, bottom bracket and headset for knock
Ensure rotation of axles and bearings are loosened/tightened appropriately
True front and rear wheel rims and ensure proper spoke tension
Replace shift and brake cables and housings
Adjust brake shoe positioning for safety
Adjust tension of cables and cable housing for both breaks and shifters
Ensure proper torque in all serviceable bolts and attachments
Clean and lube chain

Standard tune-up $65 (housing colour match add $8)

Includes service from above basic tune-up
Service front/rear wheel axles and replace bearings (if needed)
Clean front cogs and rear freewheel/cassette
Align fork and triangle axle hooks
Align derailleur hanger

Advanced tune-up $90 (includes colour match)

Includes service from both standard and basic tune-ups
Clean and service headset and replace bearings (if required)
Clean and service bottom bracket and replace bearings (if required)
Clean and service pedals (nylon pedals not included)

Just wheels $20 each or $32 for pair

True front and rear wheel rims and ensure proper spoke tension
Service front/rear wheel axles and replace bearings (if needed)
Check rims for dish and imperfections

Chase and face $45

Chase and service surface of bottom bracket shelf
Face and service headset tube

Hydraulic brake tune-up $40

Bleed and replace hydraulic brake fluid
Adjust brake shoe positioning
Adjust and align brake rotors
Only $25 when included with a Standard or Advanced tune-up package

Suspension fork rebuild $90

Replace seals and o-rings
Replace dampening fluid and clean interior and exterior of suspension fork
Refill compressed air to desired PSI
Reinstall and torque fork on bike if desired

Mechanic Education

Learn how to fix a flat or replace a shifter through one of our educational bicycle repair courses. We can provide you a bike to work on, or better yet, bring in your own and wrench your bike back to good order through the direction of one of our staff mechanics.


Guided Trips And Tours

Jump on a bike with us and we’ll show you the trails around North Hastings. More to this coming soon.