The Story of Endo Cycle

Endo Cycle is a family owned and operated bicycle service and repair shop between Coe Hill and Bancroft.
The story of how the store was founded goes a little like this: if someone tells you if you think that you could run a business better than they could, and you should start your own business. Do it! Because it’s true.We pride ourselves in going beyond the typical repair by informing you, the customer, what you can be done to make your riding experience more enjoyable, and visit the repair shop less often. This means we want to see you less often for repairs and more often for upgrades.

Full support for Mountain Bike races and events is something we are very proud of. Dave and Duane have even attended the 24 Hour World Championships in Canmore Alberta to support a local rider from the Bancroft area. Our entire family has participated in several 24 hour races, including our 6 year old granddaughter. And, Beverly has raced in several 10 & 8 hour races with multiple podium finishes.